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Recycled Garden Glass Mulch for Landscaping
Close the Loop is 1st in GLASS!
Be part of the new GLASSROOTS movement!

Crystal Turquoise Glass Mulch in Fire Pit
Crystal Turquoise Glass Mulch in Fire Pit
Crystal Green with Rope Lighting
Crystal Green with Rope Lighting
For an Estimate:  please call us at 570.629.8414 or email us (please include zip code) to, thank you!
The coverage rate is 7 pounds per square foot per inch of depth for sizes small & medium.  Size LARGE, we use 10-14 pounds per square foot per inch of depth.

Landscape Glass Mulch
Sample Kit
Price:  $ 10.00

Terrazzo Glass 
Sample Kit "A"
Price:  $ 10.00

Terrazzo Glass 
Sample Kit "B"
Price:  $ 10.00

Close the Loop offers a wide selection of eye-catching colors and sizes of tumbled glass mulch to spruce up the landscaping around your home or business.  The proprietary production process produces glass that has virtually no sharp edges.  These mulch mixes work especially well for garden pathways.  See a mermaid 'swim' in PA Blue Glass here.

Add a bit of sparkle to your landscaping! 
Tumbled recycled glass, the newest trend in unique, environmentally-friendly, green landscaping... 

Benefits & Uses for Garden Glass:
Long Lasting & Beautiful Colors – Glass takes over 1,000 years to decompose!
Permanent Landscaping Mulch that never fades or needs replacing
Glass mulches are a unique alternative to traditional bark or gravel mulches.
Many Arts & Craft uses including terrariums, aquariums, flower arrangements, picture frame borders,
Driveways, parking lots, walkways, garden paths, fish ponds, fire pits
Mix into concrete counter tops or sidewalks, terrazzo tile effect
Non skid & reflective paint applications
Decorative fountain stone & birdbath applications
Natural deterrent to slugs when used around your garden (slugs do not like going over glass)

For firepit applications:
In an era of extreme makeovers, there’s no material more necessary for dingy fireplaces and outdoor fire pits than glass.  Glass replaces fire logs and cinders with a customizable array of colors.  Sunshine Mix in a living room, Caribbean Mix near a zero-edge swimming pool, Amber near a rustic flagstone patio.  Natural gas fuel provides a consistent and clean-burning fuel with a flame temperature well below the softening or melting point of glass.  Custom homes, restaurants, and resorts have all employed our glass in this stunning and intriguing look.  Fire and water…fire and ice…so hot it’s cool.

To place an order, please fill out the contact us form,  or send us an email with color, size, quantity & full shipping address, or call us anytime Monday - Friday 8am-5pm toll-free at 866.240.9172 for a full written estimate...thank you for using our recycled garden glass!


LANDSCAPE Garden Glass Colors: Available in Small, Medium & Large Size: 
                                       Small = 1/4"-1/2"         Medium = 1/2" -1"        Large = 1"-2"
Any color with "crystal" in the name is a lighter shade of color.  Example:  Crystal Turquoise is more transparent and lighter in hue than regular Turquoise (which is more vibrant ~ hard to see in the photos below).

The plant operates several glass-melting furnaces and colors the glass with proprietary methods and formulations. 
It is all 100% Recycled Glass which is melted down & colored, then tumbled to remove virtually all sharp edges.
Orders ship by UPS Ground or LTL Carrier (for 250+ LBS), contact us for a quote.

landscape glass mulch

TERRAZZO Glass, Available in Sizes:  Fines, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3
Used in floors, countertops or many craft & decorative applications

Tumbled Landscape Glass Mulch

(for Landscaping, Decoration, Aquariums, etc.)

Tumbled Terrazzo Glass

(for Terrazzo, Countertops, Seeding, Flooring, Fire Pits, Swimming Pools, Aquariums, etc.)


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