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Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Recycle by Artist Mark Langan
Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Recycle by Artist Mark Langan
NOTE:  Framed Print will NOT have the Copyright Langan Art on it.

Framed 8x10 Print ~ Uncle Sam ~ I want YOU to recycle

Price:  $ 50.00


My name is Mark Alan Langan and I am an Artist from Cleveland, Ohio and have been working with recycled corrugated materials for the past four years.  What started out as an experiment by having a neighbor of mine that moved save for me his old corrugated boxes.  After my first interpretive sculpture I was hooked on the medium and have since been building sophisticated aesthetically beautiful artwork out of nothing but trash.  When I explained to my Family exactly what I was doing most thought it on the "crazy" side but once they had a chance to actually see the artwork they agreed it was refreshing and quite captivating.
I have spent much time over the years marketing my 3-dimensional sculptures to anyone that would take a chance to listen to me and see it.  I have artworks that adorn office boardrooms and lobbies from coast to coast.  The majority of these for some fairly prominent businesses either as an decorative art piece or a rendition of a corporate logo in corrugated but adding my unusual spin to them.  I have found this to be very successful as I have been able to tie my artwork to many facets of the industry which include paper and corrugated manufacturers, recycling firms, packaging companies, recycling organizations, etc.
Although It would be naive of me to say that I make this huge dent in the world of recycling.  I am however someone that's at least doing something!  It has greatly influenced my own thoughts and decisions as to where all my garbage goes instead of turning a deaf ear and blind eye to it.  The purpose of my artwork obviously makes those who view it intrigued because of its very essence and hopefully may influence their own involvement and participation by reducing, reusing and recycling.   
As far as the artwork themselves, they are one of a kind and custom crafted.  They are built within the confines of a hardwood frame (oak normally) natural finished.  They are built atop a luan panel which is glued and nailed into place the frame.  The panels are salvaged from home building site dumpsters after a flooring is laid.  These are not feasible to reuse by the installer for another particular job but the perfect size for my artwork.  All the corrugated I use comes from boxes that I retrieve from the trash in my neighborhood.  They are collapsed and cut into panels and segregated by various size.  Fortunately I'm never at a loss for materials!  Scrap materials after cuts being made are shredded and used with a Elmer's non-toxic white glue and used as a sculpting medium.   
If you have any questions regarding what I do and would like to see many more examples please contact me and I'd be happy to answer each and every question.  PH 330.273.5290 Cellular 440.724.8501