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 Welcome to the Fall 2010 Edition of "The LOOP" Newsletter!     Issue 59
The most effective way to promote a green recycling economy is to grow demand for recycled goods.

Recycling is a viable "part" of the solution to the plastic waste issue, we just don't do it very well yet 
 (only 7% recycled of 30 Million tons annually).  
The government has pretty much solved the waste tire issue, and I believe we can do the same with plastics:
We would like to help organize a "Scrap Plastic Workgroup", please contact us if interested in learning more.

Waste Not Technologies turning milk jugs into plastic posts and fencing in Pennsylvania.

Watch the video:
The process to recycle milk jugs & other plastics into a durable plastic wood fencing product.
Video courtesy of WNEP's Home & Backyard Show.

This economy does not stop people with great ideas from coming up with new products! Here are 3

new products just on the market from Close the Loop, made in the USA! 

Introducing 3 new products made
entirely from waste tires: raised
garden bed, curb ramps, rubber
mulch mats.

  Flexible and stackable rubber curbs on sale now for $ 24 each + shipping.  

Size is 3.5"Wx4"Hx6'L weight:  25 LBS each (made from 100% waste tires), contact us!

Glass mulch from 100% recycled's the best idea for mulch that never breaks down, never fades the vibrant colors
 and doesn't attract critters!
Close the Loop offers 30 colors of glass mulch, used in fire pits,
landscape walkways, anywhere you would like a unique,
vibrant colored glass, a permanent landscaping mulch that
never fades or needs replacing, and is virtually maintenance free.

Grants are now available from PA for environmental education. Close the Loop can come to your

PA school or organization for public speaking on today's important environmental waste issues,


Each year, Pennsylvania invests in its schools, county conservation
districts and other nonprofit organizations to improve environmental
awareness among students and adults alike.
Deadline to Submit Applications: December 17, 2010

The Pennsylvania Senate Producer Responsibility Bill. It addresses electronic scrap recycling in


What we need YOU to do is simply email Rep. Eachus, the House Majority Leader and Rep. McCall, the House Speaker and ask
them to:
Place HB 708 on the voting schedule for Monday, November 15 - America Recycles Day! We want a vote on concurrence.

Send to:

 See the latest video from Annie Leonard: "The Story of Electronics" ~ just out!

Watch the new video:  The Story of Electronics (2010)
The Story of Electronics, releasing Tuesday, NOVEMBER 9,
employs the Story of Stuff style to explore the high-tech
revolution's collateral damageó25 million tons of e-waste
and counting, poisoned workers and a public left holding
the bill.


India is a pioneer in using plastic waste for construction of asphalt roads.  It would be great if a US

business could be successful at this!

This video describe the use of plastic
waste in the construction of ASPHALT


Congress introduces bill to stop the global dumping of e-waste to developing nations... Way to lead

by example & responsibly recycle!

Read more:  Federal Legislation
Government Accountability Office (GAO) finds that US laws do little to prevent
 e-waste export, and existing laws are not enforced by the EPA.


Instructions on how to create a roof from recycling CD's (for a green doghouse, shed, lean-to, etc). Reflects

almost all solar radiation and keeps the interior cool ~ and is cheap! Cool idea!

Indestructibles gives us the how-to on reusing CD for roofing shigles and a lot of discussion on the pros
and cons

Can old banana peals and bread crusts really provide a significant source of energy for our fuel hungry

society? Yes!

November 7, 2010 Voice of America Food and
yard waste are currently dumped in a pile
together, eventually resulting in a rich, dark
pile of finished

50 ways to help the planet...

PLANT A NOTION "Going green" doesn't have to be a daunting task
that means sweeping life changes. Simple things can make a difference.

Can't wait to use this "newspaper wood" lumber, amazing stuff!

This lumber made from newspapers
really looks like wood!

Nature does not have waste therefore there is no reason for humans to accept that waste is an inevitable part of


Learn more about C2C!

Watch the video:  Cradle2Cradle | Reggs
of it. Cradle to cradle. Perhaps you're wondering what is that? Well, here's an

Think 17 Billion Tubes = 160 million pounds of trash annually....toilet paper going tubeless!  

Watch this:

Inspirational Quote:  
A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to
'The United States of 
America' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.'  
Happy Veterans Day!  Thank you for your service & sacrifice...


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