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Issue #55

The Revolution of Micromanufacturing

To help get us out of this economic slump, we believe our country needs to get back to making things, manufacture items in your home if there are no waiting jobs ~ what better raw material to use than our waste ~ recycling & transformed waste materials into a new life & something useful!   (Just go on and search “how to make” – there are MILLIONS of ideas!)

The economy may be cratering, but people are stampeding to handmade goods. Why? Part of it is a supply-side phenomenon: Thanks to the Web-fueled boom in DIY culture, there are more one-of-a-kind products being made.  Read more.

12-Year-Old Whiz Kid Makes Homeless Shelter from Trash

by Mike Chino

Max Wallack recently developed a sturdy geodesic shelter made entirely from recycled materials. Composed from discarded plastic, wire, and packing peanuts, the easy-to-assemble homeless shelter is lightweight, insulating, and recently took first place in PBS Design Squad’s Trash to Treasure competition.  Read more.



Living, Growing, Tree Chair

When we first saw this living, growing Garden Chair we quickly found ourselves captivated by its whimsical nature and perfect union between pure green design and functionality. But don’t be confused. What looks like something straight out of Narnia, is in fact the product of an ingenious method of tree shaping developed by a couple of artists at Pooktre!


Carpet as Weed Control Solution

Weeds and gardens go together like mosquitoes and summer. Every gardener starts with high hopes of a bountiful fall harvest, but things turn ugly and hopeless as the garden is overtaken by weeds.

It's true "the garden gets away from us," says Lois Brown. But not anymore. The Sioux Falls woman has found a unique way to control the weeds that sprout in her vegetable garden and around the roses: She carpets the areaRead more.


Veggie Trader

So now you have a garden and are turning green from too many green beans and not enough tomatoes?  What to do…

From inhabitat.comVeggie Trader’s groups involve people from the same areas banding together for regular swaps. Each person contributes their specialty. It’s been over a month since Veggie Trader launched and the seeds still germinating, so pickings are understandably slim. Now is your chance to sow a few extra rows of your local specialty and start planning ahead for the harvest. Never gardened before? This is the perfect economy to start in. Its not too late to get some seeds in the ground—the Obamas did it!


Feds Lend Tesla $465 Million to Build Model S Electric Car

This is the kind of partnership that will help American manufacturing not just survive, but thrive.  Read more.

Siberini Recycling, a Pennsylvania company handles waste shingles, drywall, glass, vinyl, wood, cardboard, construction & demolition debris.  Shingles are ground-up and can be used to make asphalt to build new roads, instead of piling up in a landfill.  Save waste disposal costs of these valuable raw materials & be a part of recycling them into a new & useful life, visit their website

In this issue:

·  Revolution of Micromanufacturing

·  12-Year-Old makes Homeless shelter from trash

·   Living Growing Tree Chair

·  Carpet as Weed Control Solution

·   Veggie Trader

·  Whitehouse Playground Surface uses Rubber Mulch

·  Importance of safe play

·  Upcoming events & classes


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Whitehouse Playground Surface uses Rubber Mulch  The first family is turning the White House “green” with their attention to detail about energy and environmental conservation.  A new playground was recently installed at the White House for Sasha & Malia.  The grass underneath the playground was replaced with rubber mulch made from recycled tires.  Read more.


Importance of safe play

The biggest mistake on the modern playground is that not enough attention is paid to the surfacing. Too often, there are very tall playground structures towering over a surface of sand or pea gravel that does not afford adequate impact attenuation for the fall heights of the equipment or meet disability requirements for accessibility. Read more.

An Experiment in Green Living at Blue Rock Station ~ House of TrashView a simple & healthy lifestyle ~ Watch the video. Visit their website.

Upcoming events & classes:  Close the Loop is offering a free WEBSITE BUILDING WORKSHOP scheduled for July 31st, 2009 in Tannersville, PA - Register Online Here.  Includes Micro-Manufacturing ~ Marketing (home-based mfg).

Sept 7th: Ohio Green Living Fayre

Sep 18th-20th PA Renewable Energy Festival ~ The goal is to inform and educate ourselves and the public on renewable energy production, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through meetings, workshops, educational materials, and energy fairs.

Update on PA SB 152NEV’s (plug in neighborhood electric vehicles) –

Last Action:

Re-referred to APPROPRIATIONS, May 4, 2009  [Senate]

Reported as “committed” ~ All AYE’s no NAY’s ~ Let’s keep it rollin’ to get these vehicles rollin’ on PA roadways!

From E-Magazine’s Earth Talk:   Three quarters of the country’s current small-vehicle fleet could be charged by our existing electrical grid without building new power plants.  (And if all those cars were replaced by PHEVs, it would eliminate the need for 6.5 billion barrels of oil per day, of 52% of current U.S. oil imports.)  Read more.


Pleasant Valley Elementary School children in PA collect 20,000 milk jugs for local plastic fencing manufacturer for Earth Day 2009 recycling contest!


Meet David Miller ~ An under-employed landscaper who makes stick furniture & is now manufacturing chairs & benches out of plastic wood made locally in PA for Close the Loop.


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What are the suggested uses for the glass?


A:  Terrazzo floors, decorative concrete, concrete counter tops, decorative concrete walls, terrazzo tiles, pavers, tiles, paver sand, ashtray sand, landscaping mulch, garden paths, garden accents, zen gardens, xeriscaping, rock gardens, water features, fountains, aquarium gravel, swimming pool plastering, non-skid decks, glassphalt, floral arrangements, wedding centerpieces, window displays, fire places, fire pits, decorative gravel, ballast roof, green roof, drainage aggregate & more!  Check it out!

Watch a video of the

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Inspirational Quotes

Remember, “GREEN” requires:
                                    Humility to be open-minded,
                                    Strength to lead, 
                                    Willingness to change,
                                    Desire to learn and
                                    Ability to think beyond today.

                                                    ~ Author unknown

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