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Hand-Crafted from Recycled Tires
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Recycled Tire Planter
Shaped Like a Bird
Price:  $ 49.94



          Crafted from recycled tires
          All hardware is covered to ensure smooth surfaces
          Tires are cleaned so black will not rub off on clothes and hands
          Comes completely assembled and ready to hang

Patrick Palumbo, tire swing creator
Patrick Palumbo, Tire Swing Creator
Updated October 1, 2007 - We regret to inform everyone that Patrick Palumbo passed on Wednesday 9/26/2007 after a long illness...the swings continue to be made by employees.  Watch a video of Patrick here.

Mini-Bio of this artist:

Patrick recycles auto and truck tires by sculpting them into children's swings, planters in the shapes of birds & many other creative uses for waste tires.  The recycling idea is a great point and very well received by environmentally concerned customers in the USA and abroad.  These products are all hand made from beginning to end in the USA and Europe.  He is very happy to find these products are used year round, primarily because they can be used indoors and out.  Patrick's main effort is to ensure safety, satisfaction and of course, repeat sales at very affordable prices.