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Flexible Rubber Landscape Timbers/Curbs & Swing Mats

Note:  This product is made to order, for an estimate, please email: and include the linear feet & zip code, thanks!

Rubber Flex Curbs Specifications & Rubber Swing Safety Mats

The Recycled Rubber Timbers/Curbs allow you to make various and unique curves and bends that traditional landscape timbers just can't do. They're manufactured from 100% recycled rubber. They're environmentally friendly and don't contain harmful arsenic, like treated wood timbers. They can be installed as an independent unit or can be added as a safety surface on your containment/bordering project. They require minimal excavation, which makes installation very cost effective. They also offer better drainage than anything in its class.
 No excavation required
 Made from 100% recycled rubber
 Extremely flexible - create curved borders
 Environmentally friendly
 Provides excellent drainage 
 Easy installation

These 100% recycled flexible rubber timbers are an ideal solution to retaining rubber mulch for playgrounds without expensive excavation costs. 

Please call toll-free 866.240.9172 for delivery quote or
email  We need your total lineal feet requirements and your city, state & zip code to provide a full written quote, thanks!

NJ Stackable Rubber Curbs
NJ Stackable Rubber Curbs


4"Hx 6'L Length
weight:  30 LBS
Price:  $ 36.25

6"Hx 6'L Length
weight:  45 LBS
Price:  $ 48.75

8"Hx 6'L Length
weight:  70 LBS
Price:  $ 65.00

NJ Rubber Timber, 6' Long

Interlocking, bendable, stackable, hardware included: rubber timber made from tires.

Ships from NJ
Colors:  Natural Brown

CA Flexible Rubber Timbers
CA Flexible Rubber Timbers

weight:  25 LBS each
Price:  $ 35.00 ea

weight:  75 LBS each
Price:  $ 63.00 ea

CA Stackable Rubber Timbers 6' Long

Rounded top enables interlocking and makes these excellent for retaining mulch or raised beds ~ can be stacked to 14 inches high.

Ships from CA.
Colors:  Black, Terracotta

GA Flexible Rubber Curbs
GA Flexible Rubber Curb

weight:  36 LBS
Price:  $ 48.00 ea

weight:  80 LBS
Price:  $ 80.00 ea

weight:  100 LBS
Price:  $ 96.00 ea

GA Flexible Rubber Curbs 8' Long

These timbers are 8 feet long and come in heights of 4, 6, or 8 inches. 

Ships from GA.
Colors:  Terracotta, Black, Brown, Green


Size: 3'x5'x2"
Weight:  137 lbs each
Price:  $ 137.50 ea

Ships from GA
Colors:  Black, Green, Terracotta

Beveled Safety Swing Mats

Rain Grooves:  Located on bottom of tile to channel water out to ensure a dryer surface.
Uses:  Developed for use under swings and slides to provide protection where a fall to surface may occur.  It greatly reduces maintenance and prevents kick outs that occur with loose fill products.


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