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Cobblestone Rubber Pavers
Made in Pennsylvania from 100% waste tires...
Note:  This product is made to order, for an estimate, please email: and include the square feet & zip code, thanks!

Cobblestone Rubber Paver

The Cobblestone Rubber Paver is an octagon shaped paver with square at one end.  It is 2" thick and 2 pavers equals 1 square foot. 

It is made from 100% recycled tires that are molded together with a latex free polyurethane and non-toxic pigment.  

They can be installed on a stone base, sand base or existing surfaces.  The pavers are cut with a band saw, jigsaw or our pneumatic cutter. 

Rubber Paver Dimensions
Rubber Paver Dimensions
Cobblestone Rubber Pavers Installed 

The Specifications of the Cobblestone Rubber Pavers are:
Coverage of each paver:  1/2 SQF each, 2 pavers = 1 SQF
2" thick, Dimensions:  12"x 7 3/8" (see drawing above)
Colors:  Silver/Gray, Terra-cotta Red, Brownish Tan, Black, Green
Shipping/Pickup Location:  Ephrata, PA
$6.95 PER SQF
8 1/2 - 9 LB per SQF


The Cobblestone Rubber Paver meets the guidelines outlined in ASTM F1292-04 and meets the drop height standards from a height of 4 foot.  There are no loose materials which eliminates any choke hazards.  It is slip resistant and durable.  Excellent product to protect children.

Equine Applications
The Cobblestone Rubber Paver can be put in any equine area,; from horse stalls to aisle ways to wash stalls and tack rooms.  The Cobblestone Rubber Paver protects the horse from hard, cold or moist floors.  It reduces dust allergies and respiratory disorders and helps to prevent injuries.  In addition, the Cobblestone Rubber Paver will reduce the time needed to muck out the stalls, and minimize bedding requirements. 

Other Applications
The Cobblestone Rubber Paver can be used in many applications, including walkways, playground surfacing, patios, roof top decks, pool areas, weight rooms, and driveways.

Contact us for a free estimate, just need to know your dimensions, or total square footage and zip code for shipping estimate.

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